Choosing a good faucet

The faucet is one of the indispensable elements in our kitchen, but we do not always pay enough attention to it, a good choice of kitchen faucets can help us work smarter in the kitchen, besides contributing to the general decoration.

In addition to looking at the aesthetic qualities, we must not neglect the interior of the faucet, it is important that you read reviews of kitchen faucets before buying. According to the cartridge, we can find two types:

faucetsEcological: when you open the faucet always comes cold water, this way you can avoid the unintentional use of hot water.

Progressive: use a single lever or cam lever.

Multi-use: a system that provides simplicity and comfort. With a simple movement, we can adjust the temperature and water flow rate. If we want warm water, we only have to leave the single-lever in the center.

A single lever MINIMAL sink with built-in water purifier, right-hand single lever handle for normal use, left-hand opening and closing of purified water with the SEAGUL IV filter.

Removable: it is a practical system of taps for the kitchen, allows us to move the faucet to another place, for example, can fill containers that because of its characteristics we can not approach the sink.

Roca TARGA, removable chrome plated faucet, sink mixer with swivel spout and removable dishwasher.

Abilities: these taps have a system of letting down that allows them to move in a way that is very practical in certain places whereby their placement hinders certain movements.

For example, when installing a faucet is done near windows, sometimes if the faucet is fixed does not allow opening, which we can solve with these models.