Tips To A Perfect Marriage Proposal

You have decided to ask her to marry you and, of course, you want it to be an unforgettable moment. So that everything goes according to plan, there are some factors that you should consider before asking the “big question”.

There is no doubt that you love her, but how is your relationship?

If you are in an unstable period, it is better to wait a bit. Many men make the mistake of proposing marriage when things are not going well, thinking that this will be magically arranged.

Having a stable relationship is the first step in asking her to marry you.

Prepare the ground:

It is about surprise, but not that she does not have the remotest idea of your plans. It is vital that, before giving him the ring, they have talked about their plans and agreed that they want to get married.

Do not assume anything if you have not asked!

Remember that this is a very important decision that both should take with time and not under pressure. If you’re sure that she wants to marry you, keep going.

Choose the perfect engagement ring:

Make a realistic budget for the ring. They say that it should cost the equivalent of three months of your salary, but nowadays nothing could be further from reality!

Visit several jewelers, ask all the questions you have and, if you are not sure what jewel you would like, ask for advice to people close to her.

Surprise her:

She knows that one day you will ask her to marry you, but she does not know how or when. Try to keep your plans secret so that the moment will take you by surprise. There is nothing more exciting than an unexpected proposal.

Ask for help from family and friends:

Get closer to your sister or your best friend and tell them your plans. They can guide you on what would be the best time to do it and under what conditions.

Better yet, they could help you organize the event. Of course, ask them for total discretion.

A great event in public or something more intimate? Decide depending on your personality.

Take into account your personality:

Did you see the video of a man proposing to his girlfriend with a huge flashmob in Disneyworld? It sounds amazing, but maybe it’s not what your girl would appreciate more.

Think if you are outgoing or rather reserved if you would prefer an event in a public place, a request with all your family and friends or rather something intimate, in which you can feel completely comfortable.

Control the nerves:

Women are very perceptive, sometimes too much. This means that, if you are a bundle of nerves, your girlfriend will realize that something you bring in your hand, and maybe not think the best. Relax and enjoy the process, everything will be fine!

Wait for the right moment:

Do not do it until you feel prepared, determined and calm. Avoid asking for marriage in the middle of a hurry or a difficult situation. You can choose a special day, such as your anniversary or a vacation together.

She also asks her friends what season she would like to get married. If they tell you that she dreams of a winter wedding, do not give her the ring in December. Maybe the idea of waiting a year to get married does not like it that much.

It is true that the request for marriage focuses essentially on women, but it would be a great mistake to completely forget what you want. What would you like? Something public and colorful or something more romantic and private? Under what circumstances will you feel more comfortable asking the question that will change your lives?

Instead of wanting to do a mega-production to tell him to marry you, think about something special and focus on the most important details.

The more elements you want to include on this occasion, the more you risk something going wrong . Focus on what you consider most important and let everything else flow.